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Andrea Urquhart

If you're an ambitious, heart-centred consultant in the business of transformation, this podcast is made with love for you! Discover business building insights for big-hearted, professional coaches, therapists and trainers from Andrea Urquhart, a UK business mentor specialising in ethical entrepreneurship in the business of transformation. Each episode is a fireside chat focusing on mindset, habits, business building attitudes and skills that will inspire and encourage you. Common questions such as niching, winning clients and how your own personal inner narratives affect how you're showing up in your business are covered with Andrea's unique blend of insight and encouragement. You'll also discover some unexpected opinions on topics such as perfection, what clients are really looking for and embracing your ambition. Andrea candidly shares insights that will make you think, give you "aha!" moments and inspire you as a coach, therapist or consultant growing your business and establishing your expert status. Whether you're new to growing your own business, looking to learn business growth insights and skills or already profitable and looking to take your business to the next level, you'll find plenty of encouragement and thought-provoking content from The Specialist Studio. Don't forget to hit subscribe to stay in touch and discover more episodes!You can find out more about working with Andrea at